The PKP "Pecheneg" (Russian: Печенег), or as it is known in GRO by it's official Russian designation, 6P41, is a light machine gun developed as a modernized version of PKM and is currently used as a general-purpose LMG, mainly for squad-level fire support.

This weapon is the seventh tier of LMGs for the Support. The 6P41's main trait is its extremely high alpha damage and DPS, thanks to the 7.62x54mmR rounds it fires; the very same rounds that sniper rifles, like the Dragunov SVD uses, leading to the moniker of "belt-fed sniper rifle". However, it's power comes at a price: the 6P41 has mediocre stats all-around, with the exeception of it's extremely long ready and aiming time. Due to its low mobility and high damage stats, the 6P41 is often deployed in a defensive position.


  • 6P41 SV TAN had a hidden headshot damage boost that allowed the user to do more damage in the head compared to other weapons which was removed in a later update to the game. It is one of three weapons released in the first half of the Desert Pack .
  • The 6P41 SV TAN version has Higher accuracy(+1), damage (+3) and lower control (-1) attributes compared to a modmaster version.
  • The 6P41 NH features a higher control then the modmaster at the expense of ROF.
  • 6P41-H SV BDKis a unique Tier IX (9) weapon which was released in the Bodark weapons pack.