Basic OverviewEdit

M27 GIEdit

The M27 GI and its family of weapons is the starting rifle given to new Assaults. A jack-of-all-trades, master of none, it provides the gateway for new Assaults to get a good feel of combat before branching out into other combat styles. The gun is decent in the beginners matchmaker, but in the standard matchmaker, the gun is eclipsed by the higher tier weapons.

Mk 16Edit

The Mk 16 family is primarily a long-range series, although the Close-Quarters variant is nothing to scoff at either. Infamous for its accuracy for its tier, the Mk 16 is good for Assaults who like to fire from cover.


The SAR-21 family is most well-known for it's Close-Quaters variant, having a good mix of damage, controlabilty, fire rate, and mobility. Elsewhere, the family stands more on the balanced end.


The ACR family, like the Mk 16, is best used as a sharpshooter's gun, trading in a little bit of stopping power for a faster rate of fire and increased stability. It's burst-fire mode is infamous for taking out unprepared snipers.


The AR-21 family is most known for it's high rates of fire and low controllability, making it a frightening close-quarters combatant regardless of what member of the family is used. Almost paradoxically, a long-range variant is available, which can still accurate put a lot of rounds downrange very quickly.


The F2000 family is another close-quarters powerhouse, having a mix of accuracy and rate of fire all in a fairly mobile package. Many variants exist to either capitalize on the family's close-quarters excellence or to round out its capabilites in longer ranges.

Mk 17Edit

The Mk 17 family are MK 16 rifles chambered for the 7.62mm round, making them the first of the higher-calibur rifles available to Assaults. Although relatively slow-firing, it compensates with a hard-hitting punch and a moderate level of control.


The AK-12 family is a well-rounded 7.62mm rifle, having a mix of damage, accuracy, and stability that allows it to work flexibly in many roles. However, its relatively slow rate of fire means it is best used at medium to long ranges.



As Val (As Val-H)Edit

The As Val, which includes its sister gun the VSS, is a fast-firing and silenced series of rifles whose DPS is reliant on maintaining accuracy on a target. An interesting stealth weapon, as all variants are silenced from the start.


An extremely powerful assault rifle, the AN-94 is an excellent weapon for both long range and medium range fighting,due to its usable control and fire rate. When fired in the burst mode, the AN-94 provides excellent damage extremely accurately.


The AK-200, although suffering from poor accuracy and low control, is a heavy-hitting and fast-firing rifle that makes short work of enemies in close-combat situations.

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