This section is a compilation of most commonly sought-out attributes and the most common recommendations for each. Often times, a single weapon family or even an individual weapon can fulfill multiple roles.

I want an AR that can....Edit used flexiblyEdit


.As Val H: Unlike the previous As Val (now removed from the game), the tier nine variant is very good for all-around applications. In its long or medium barreled form it has high accuracy, control, and rate of fire. It does slightly suffer from damage per bullet, but because of the high fire rate, the DPS is still massive and will take down enemies from any distance with ease used for close quartersEdit

(Recommendations) used for long rangeEdit

(Recommendations) used at medium rangeEdit

(Recommendations) used for defendingEdit

(Recommendations) used for attackingEdit

(Recommendations) used primarily on the moveEdit

(Recommendations) used primarily in coverEdit

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