Ghost Recon Online Wikia is an encyclopedia of information solely pertaining to and dedicated to Ghost Recon Online. This wiki is ever evolving because of the fact that Ghost Recon Online is currently in Closed Beta. Ghost Recon Online is now out of beta and called Ghost Recon Phantoms. Furthermore, formatting and layout will be optimized/tweaked until the Wiki is easily navigational and immersive. Information will be thoroughly updated consistently until all aspects of the game are covered and correct.

There are four main active Admins: Cortexian, MedibeeUserNameNAAimOnVacation and Bcarbonite; and one active Bureaucrat: Bcarbonite. If you have any questions please visit our Message Walls and ask us.

Each page has a Comment section, which is to be used to comment, or make suggestions towards the material on the page. Some pages if not all have Talk pages, which can also be used to discuss materials in regards to that specific page.

For all around discussion regarding things on the wiki, feel free to hit the Blogposts area, the Forums, or general Talk Page. In addition to, there is a Chat available for the entire wiki that can be used for immediate attention to specific topics, help request, or the wiki in general.

If you want to help editing feel free, but be sure to Please Read up on as much HELP material first, located or But if you have any questions feel free to ask an Admin or specifically, Bcarbonite.

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