Nemesis 50 Edit

Nemesis 50
Tier VI(6)
Sniper Rifle
Nem 50
Gun score




Fire Rate






Magazine Size


Ammo Pool


Ready Time


Reload Time


Fire Mode(s)


Inventory slot


Armor Pierce


Barrel Length



Original (Modmaster)

The Nemesis 50 is a gun of interesting combinations. It combines huge amounts of damage per shot with a low rate of fire. The gun is capable of killing all but the most heavily armored enemies with one shot to the torso. A headshot is guaranteed to kill anything instantly.


The key to using the Nemesis is to balance it out. The main weakness of the rifle is the horrendous rate of fire. The rechambering of a round takes an absolute eternity. In the time it takes to rechamber one bullet, most other bolt-action rifles can fire 2 even 3 shots. So to maximize the ROF, bring a short barrel. The damage is still massive, even with the short barrel. It slightly speeds up the rechambering rate, while improving the settle and ready time. Grip vs. Bipod is a controversial topic as always. On this particular gun, I prefer using a bipod. It is essential to duck behind cover after every shot, so the extra stability in cover is a boon. Of course your mileage may vary. I like the 2.5x12 scope, as it is the most versatile. It should be noted that magnum ammo is uneccesary if you have any skill at aiming, entertaining though it is.

Indianbagel (talk) 17:41, June 11, 2015 (UTC)


With this gun, you should always be engaging at medium to long ranges. Stay in cover, peek out to one shot someone then immediately duck. With the Nemesis, you rely on an accuracy to make those torso and headshots. Hardscoping is punished heavily with this weapon. All in all, this is an absolute overkill on most enemies you will face. I dislike the weapon simply because its drawbacks outweigh the one shot potential. It is simply too sluggish for me, but other players may be able to work around the speed.

Indianbagel (talk) 17:41, June 11, 2015 (UTC)

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