Pistol StatisticsEdit

Statistics Ranges for Pistols
Tier Weapon Gun Score Base Damage ROF Accuracy Control Ready Time Magazine Size Ammo Pool Armor Penetration
GI P250 Low (10%)
I TR-1 Low (10%)
II FiveseveN High (60%)
III P-45 None (0%)
IV Redhawk Low (10%)
V PX4 Low (10%)
VI-I 45T None (0%)
VI-II Wild Boar Low (10%)
VII Model 29 Low (10%)
VIII Desert Eagle Very High (65%)
IX-I USP45-H High (50%)
IX-II Judge None (0%)
X P250-H High (55%)

Note: The Wild Boar is a unique Tier VI (6) handgun and is part of the GRFS pack!

Available Limited EditionsEdit

Limited Editions
Name Abbreviation Weapon Camo Type Damage Accuracy Control Ready Time Rate of Fire
Alpine ALP USP45 Black/White
Halloween HLW Black/Orange
Jungle JGL Green/Black
Jungle JGL PX4 Green/Brown
Triton TRT P-45 Blue/Black
Assassin's Creed AC FiveseveN White/Blue
Night Hunter NH Blue/Black
Desert TAN FiveseveN Yellow/Black
Omega OPM PX4 Digital Blue
Dot Pixel Matrix (DPM) DPM P-45 Digital Red
Phantom PN Digital Grey
Spoils of War WAR Redhawk Golden
War Reloaded WAR Redhawk Golden
Ghost Recon: Future Soildier GRFS Wild Boar Digital Grey/Black
Splinter Cell SC FiveseveN Black/Green
Ghosts GHO Cloth Cover
Arctic ARC Model 29 White/Multi

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