Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout (DT SRS) sniper rifle is a modern modular weapon, intended for police use, as well as for civilian target shooting and hunting (a dedicated "sporter" version of the SRS is available as SRS "Hunter" rifle). It was originally intended as a dedicated long range sniping platform in .338 Lapua Magnum, but later on the concept was changed to multi-caliber, with quick change barrels. According to the manufacturer, DT SRS rifles with properly selected ammunition can provide 0.5 MOA accuracy, with maximum effective range in .338 being up to 1800 yards (1640 meters).

The SRS is unlocked at level 5 for the Recon class and is considered one of the "fast" bolt-action rifles, trading some stopping power for a faster bolt cycle. While it lacks the base damage to instantly kill an Assault, it is suitable for mid- to long-range engagements. Fortunately, it fires fast enough to quickly get a second shot in.


  • SRS was removed as the Tier 2 Recon Sniper Rifle.
  • It was later revamped as the new SRS-H variant and added as a Tier 9 weapon.