The alternative, close-quarters weapons option offered to the recon class. This class of weapons is generally best used in CQC and close to mid-range engagements, with their relatively high ROF compared to their sniper counterparts. The traits of the weapons in this class tend to vary greatly due to the inconsistencies of the term SMG, even wikipedia doesn't offer a consistent definition. (Check the arguement surrounding the P90). ROF, spread, control and accuracy, some stats of which are not always displayed, can differ quite significantly between guns in the SMG class. The best suggestion for any recon looking to maximise the use of their SMG is to first evaluate their play style and testing various SMGs in the firing range before making a purchase. Alternatively, players might want to purchase an SMG and adapt their play styles to it. (For example working around a limited ammo pool, high recol, e.t.c.) While this may be a viable option for higher tier SMGs, lower tier SMGs may develop play-styles that do not transfer well to higher tier SMGs. Approach with caution.

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