Hello Ghosts!

Well, I am Flutterguy149 (this user may not available for long, I might change), and this is my first blog post. I don't know what to say except some suggestion for this wiki.

As a experienced user from other wiki, these are my suggestions. I don't say that you guys need to change ASAP or must do. Also if any grammar mistake, please forgive me. I am not a English native speaker, because I am a Asian. ('Nam)

Main Page page name

Suprising for me, the Main page of this wiki is Ghost Recon Online, which should be the page content for the game itself, meanwhile page Main Page is used to do the opposite. This brings out misunderstanding for users about what is the page talks about.
Suggestion: Swap the content of those two Ghost Recon Online and Main Page and change the Main Page of wiki to Main Page

Clean up

I think this Wiki need a lot of clean up. 
First is content.
One of example of page quality is Strategy on Weapons. Strategy can be made, but should follow and don't make opionated statements like "Twin mags is all you need" (Medibee regarding MP5K. - Yes, I know Twin Mags is useful, don't make TM "ONLY").
Second is fill blank spaces. The page of Holdout only has a ad image of that gamemode. I don't see anyone add the pictures of the Subpen map or Petronas tower (will update a few hours later, plus I called that because that's what I know when looking at the map. Sorry, I forgot the name)
Here's a example of making a page about gun strategy from Halo Nation.
Second is Spam and Unnecessary advertising stuff. IMHO clan should be discused in pages other than main space, because there is too many active clans, but also a lot of clan that has noob members (sorry for offensing, but bitter truth, you and I know we often dominate noob clans a lot. Sure there are HvK, SoD, VNS, PhX, but that's a different story of pro clans). {I saw this from Thread:3165}
Also junk pages like Gameplay - I don't know when you are reading this, that page is deleted yet but it only has a video there of some Brazillian players.


Any wiki has rules and policies, sure, no one can make and do whatever you want, vandals whatever you want in a wiki, right? I don't see a page for it, even once. Here's a example of Policies - How it should be done - Thanks to Human Element Wiki (what, a Wiki for a upcomin game?!)

That's all for now. Thank you for reading.

Hi there, I'm Flutterguy149

Feel free to contact me on my Community Central Message Wall if you want to message me!

You can also find me around the Call of Duty Wiki!

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