Here's some Q&A:

Q:Was I dead?

A: Yes

Q: How did you come back?

A: well you see I was talking with my pal Hades... Ok now seriously no I was not dead.

Q: Well then why didn't you do anything since forever on this wiki

A: Mostly, because I *enter lame vacation excuse here to cover up the fact I forgot I made this wiki and don't ever use my email so I didn't see Wikia bombarding me with notifications.* Yes I know, I honestly apologize. I forgot about this wiki and actually haven't played Ghost Recon Online in a long while (2nd closed beta testing phase.) I know it's completely laughable for the wiki founder to have a total of 5 EDITS (although to be fair, those were 5 pages I made by myself, but have since been heavily augmented.)

Q: So, are you going to be helping us out now?

A: Yes and no. I will try to help out as much as possible, but as I've stated before I haven't played in a while and my knowledge of the game isn't nearly as good as many of you. I would hate to change some information just so I can say that I made it. I'll try to contribute what I can, as limited as that is.

Finally, I want to send out a big thank you to everyone who contributed during my, "extended absence." I want to send out a special thank you to Bcarbonite for the huge amount of support he/she has done to the wiki both directly in editing but also in organizing. Thank you all for supporting this wiki and I hope that this wiki will continue to grow and expand, as well as service the many people who I'm sure have been referring to it.

Random Trivia:

-The first pages on this site were the main page, Recon class, Specialist class (or it may have been Currency, can't quite remember,) RP and Ghost Coins.

-When this wiki started out, it couldn't be found in any search engine for 5 pages (after that I stopped looking.) The first link to pop up was the page about Ghost Recon Online that was on the Ghost Recon Wikia.

-This Wikia was founded by me during the second phase of closed beta testing

-The way I found out how much this website grew was in my once in a lifetime excursions to my e-mail, where Wikia had sent me a message to alert me that someone had joined. You can imagine my surprise when I found a fully ready, professional quality wiki with about 14 times the pages that it had started with.

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